Urethane Casting / Silicone Molding




RTV molding / Urethane casting  is a relatively inexpensive process used to create high quality, accurate parts that closely mimic injection molded, production parts. Molds are created using 3D printed or machined master patterns, derived from your 3D CAD data, and are finished to your specifications. The molds will then be used to rapidly produce high quality, production parts in a wide variety of colors and materials.

  • Urethane can be color matched to your exact specification.  This will produce parts with a very durable surface finish, without the need for paint.
  • A wide variety of surface finishes are available, such as textures or polishes,  and can be applied to the master pattern so that every part cast will consistently look and feel like your finished part.

Materials Options: Parts can be created to mimic virtually any production plastic or rubber:

High Temp
Fire Retardant
Rubber (variety of durometers)
Medical Grade
Water Clear / Tinted..


Urethane casting is ideal for applications that require quantities that range from one to hundreds of parts, avoiding the expense of an injection mold. Because this process is inexpensive (compared to traditional injection molding), time and money are saved when changes in design are required during product development. Since RTV molds are flexible, difficult geometries such as undercuts or draft can be produced easily, which can also dramatically cut costs.

This process also lends itself to a wide variety of additional development and end product services that we offer:

Pad Printing / Silk Screening Overmolding
Cast in Threaded Inserts Laser Cutting / Etching
Custom Painting / Color Matching Metalized Coating
EMI Shielding And more...


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